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Teacher’s viral Avengers: Endgame plea to students — Don’t spoil it for me – CNET

One teacher might go Incredible Hulk on his students if they spoil the movie for him.

Marvel Stud..

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One teacher might go Incredible Hulk on his students if they spoil the movie for him.

Marvel Studios

Kids around the world seeing Avengers: Endgame this weekend will no doubt be talking about the movie at school come Monday — and one teacher doesn't want to hear a word.

Twitter user @kamiilious tweeted a photo Friday of what she says is a note her teacher affixed to her classroom door begging students to stay spoiler-free when anywhere near him.

"My little brother is on Tampa on a business trip. I am waiting until he gets back to see Avengers: Endgame. That will be Wednesday at the SOONEST," the tweet reads. "DO NOT discuss ANYTHING about it anywhere near my classroom UNTIL THIS SIGN COMES DOWN. You know how much I love Marvel comics."

The much-anticipated MCU clincher, which opened worldwide Wednesday, has pulled off the biggest global opening in movie history, hauling down an estimated $644 million so far, according to Disney.

Given the fan fervor around the film that wraps up a decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, lots of people can no doubt relate to the teacher's plea. As of this writing, the tweet has been liked more than 406,000 times and retweeted 105,000 times.

"I'm worried that my son will say something and that's nowhere near as likely as being in a school," one Twitter user wrote in a show of empathy for the comics-loving teacher. "Good luck."

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Some people didn't appreciate the teacher's comment that he would make spoilery students "wish that Thanos snapped your narrow a**," but the same student who shared the note on Twitter was quick to defend him.

"WE TOOK NO OFFENSE TO WHAT THE TEACHER SAID," she tweeted Read More – Source


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