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Bridesmaid cuts off long luscious hair for cancer patients but bride says the look will ruin the wedding

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Most brides usually have a vision of how they want their weddings to look.

One bri..

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Most brides usually have a vision of how they want their weddings to look.

One bride who planned for extremely feminine designs/decorations wanted all of her leading ladies to look the part.

So when one of the bridesmaids cut off her long luscious hair into a pixie, the bride was not happy.

The story was shared on Reddit by the bridesmaid who said that she understood the stresses of a wedding and that the bride was not usually demanding.

But she couldnt figure out where the bride was coming from in this instance.

She was especially shocked as she had cut and donated her hair to cancer and alopecia patients and couldnt see what the big deal was.

This feels like a weird and petty argument, but maybe Im just suffering from selfish tunnel vision? she asked on the subreddit.

Woman with long hair wearing crown
This is the sort of look the bride was hoping for (Picture: Getty)

The sister-in-law wrote that it was an all-out wedding that was meticulously planned. She added that the bride had been very kind and not at all like a bridezilla.



But she has been definitely picky and strict (she deserves to, its her wedding), she wrote.

Ive been growing my hair for years and got tired of it. Yesterday, I went from hair down past my butt and had it cut into a short cut, like a pixie.

I cut so much of it because I donated to an organisation called Wigs For Kids, they make wigs for free for children with cancer and alopecia.

Overall, I donated 48 inches of hair. I absolutely love it, the hair stylist said it was perfect for my face shape, my fiancé loves it, its been such a confidence booster.

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But when she posted an image of the new look on her Instagram plus the chopped off locks, she got a text message from the bride saying she should have asked before making such a dramatic change.

The bride added that the short hair will stand out from the rest of the other girls who all have long hair and that she shouldve just waited before making the chop.

I literally didnt know how to respond, added the bridesmaid.

Ive never been in a wedding before and Ive never been married – is this normal? Should I have asked her before making such a dramatic physical appearance change?



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But luckily it all worked out in the end as the bridesmaid updated the post to say shRead More – Source


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