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Morrisons is selling 1kg boxes of unsold fruits and veggies for £1

(Picture: Morrisons)
When supermarkets reach the end of their shelf life for products, they have to,..

By admin , in Food , at December 13, 2018

(Picture: Morrisons)

When supermarkets reach the end of their shelf life for products, they have to, by law, throw them away if they havent been able to sell it.

But Morrisons is giving one last push for its customers to buy unsold fruits and vegetables to reduce food waste.

Their nifty little offer includes one kilogram worth of goods that are in perfectly good eating condition.

And good news, its all for a pound. Cheap as chips (but way healthier).

A Morrisons employee will hand check the items to ensure theyre in good condition (Picture: Morrisons)

The Too Good to Waste box will sell items at the end of their shelf life which are still good to eat, in Morrisons stores nationwide.

It will contain a variety of fruit, vegetables, and salad and the launch is the latest move in Morrisons campaign against food waste.

Morrisons has said the assortment will be picked from its 75 varieties of fruit, 80 sorts of vegetables, and 50 types of salad.

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Each piece has been condition checked by a Morrisons greengrocer to ensure that they are still of good quality.

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Weve listened to our customers who said they dont want to see good food going to waste, said Drew Kirk, fruit and veg director.

So weve created these boxes and every day well fill them with a wide selection of produce at risk of being thrown away. Because produce may be unusual and varied, customers can also try some new and exciting dishes at home without having to spend a fortune.

The move comes after Morrisons data showed reducing food waste is one of customers top concerns. The supermarket has also started handing out free fruit to children in stores – to prevent unsold fruit being thrown away.

(Picture: Morrisons)

Budget retailer Lidl also started a similar move earlier in the year, selling a bigger box for 50p more.

Their offer includes 5kg boxes of imperfect fruit and vegetables for £1.50 across 122 of its UK stores.

Anything unsold is given to charity.

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