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Gloucestershire street has the UK’s slowest broadband

The worst street for broadband in the UK is almost 2,000 times slower than the fastest, an annual survey ..

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The worst street for broadband in the UK is almost 2,000 times slower than the fastest, an annual survey has found.

Greenmeadows Park in Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire has average download speeds of 0.14mbps, which is 1,899 times slower than Abdon Avenue in Birmingham, where the average is 265.89Mbps.

The different means those in the Greenmeadows Park houses have to allow 102 hours to download a two hour HD film from Netflix, while those living in Abdon Avenue could download it in four minutes.

The average speed in the UK is 46.2bps but about a quarter (26.3%) of homes struggle with speeds of less than 10mbps and one in eight get less than 5mbps.

The statistics were compiled by comparison site uSwitch.

Five of the fastest streets in Britain are in the South West, including Wiltshire, Dorset and Cornwall, while nine of the slowest streets in the north of the UK, including South Yorkshire, Scotland and Merseyside.

According to uSwitch, there are more broadband users getting faster speeds now compared with three years ago, but the comparison site says speeds are still a "postcode lottery".

Superfast speeds are available to customers living on a third of Britain's slowest streets, but uSwitch believe there's a lack of awareness about better services, leaving people with poor speeds.

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Dani Warner, broadband spokesman for uSwitch, said: "It's almost comical that it would take someone in Bamfurlong more than 100 hours to download a two-hour HD film yet someone living just an hour's drive away on Abdon Avenue in Birmingham can download the same film in just over four minutes.

"Awareness of fibre broadband availability continues to be the biggest hurdle to people getting faster download speeds. Over a third of the slowest streets have access to superfast speeds, so people living there have no need to be crawling along on completely unusable internet services."

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