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Black Friday 2018 console deals now live: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch bundles start at $200 – CNET

James Martin/CNET
Black Friday is Nov. 23 this year, but the best deals on the hottest game console..

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James Martin/CNET

Black Friday is Nov. 23 this year, but the best deals on the hottest game consoles begin Sunday, at retailers including Target and GameStop.

Bundle deals, including at least one game, are coming soon for Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Switch consoles. We've collected some of the best deals we've seen so far below.

Bear in mind:

  • The deals below are current as of Sunday, Nov. 18.
  • CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.
  • We link to the current listing at the retailer's website where one is available, but you may not see sale pricing reflected on the page until the sale begins.

Best PlayStation 4 deals

PS4 1TB with Spider-Man Bundle: $200 (save $100)

Jason Parker/CNET

The PlayStation 4 is a great all-round console, Spider-Man is one of the best big-budget games released this year, and you can save $100 with this deal.

The link below is from Target and the image above is from Walmart, but it will also be available at Amazon, GameStop and other major retailers starting this Sunday, Nov. 18.

$199.00 at Target Spider-Man Review

Sony PlayStation VR bundle with Creed and Superhot: $250 (save $100)

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you already own a PS4, this kit takes it to the next level with two great VR games — Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR — as well as the two Move controllers for just $30 more than you'd normally pay for the base VR system alone.

This bundle comes first to GameStop this Sunday.

It's also available at Target and it's a doorbuster (limited quantities) but could also be available at the website once the sale starts on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 22) at 5p.m. ET.

See at GameStop Sony Playstation VR review

Save $100 on all PlayStation VR bundles, starting at $200

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you don't care about those games, or the Move controllers, you can look for a variety of bundles at major retailers starting at $50 less. Titles include Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Firewall, and Creed: Rise to Glory, and retailers include Walmart (below) as well as Best Buy and Gamestop.

See at Walmart

Best Xbox One deals

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB with Minecraft bundle, $200 (save $100)

Sarah Tew/CNET

If Xbox is more your speed, this deal can save you a bundle. It's available first at GameStop on Sunday, then Walmart on Wednesday, then nearly everywhere on Thursday. If you wait until then, Target will throw in a $20 gift card, too.

See at GameStop Xbox One S review

Xbox One X 1TB for $400 (save $100)

Josh Miller/CNET

If you want the more powerful Xbox One X 1TB by itself, you can get it for $100 off from Target starting on Sunday, Nov. 18.

See at Target Xbox One X review

Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition Battlefield V Bundle for $430 (save over $70)

Want to kickstart your Xbox One X gaming experience? With this deal (in the lower left of the ad), you'll get an extra controller and Battlefield V. Expect to see similar versions of this deal at Amazon and elsewhere.

$430.00 at Best Buy Xbox One X review

Best Nintendo Switch deals

Great bundle!

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Kart Deluxe bundle

Play on your big-screen TV or on the go with the Nintendo Switch and with Super Mario Kart Deluxe as part of the package, you can hit the racetracks immediately.

$299.00 at Best Buy Nintendo Switch review

And since you're going to want more games than what comes with that new console bundle, check out our guides to the best games currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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