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This adorable 85-year-olds food Instagram is cuter than anything ever

(Picture: davidcyril_sw/Instagram)
Elderly people can be cute doing pretty much anything.

Walking d..

By admin , in Food , at November 8, 2018

(Picture: davidcyril_sw/Instagram)

Elderly people can be cute doing pretty much anything.

Walking down the street? Adorable. Doing their weekly shop? Very sweet. Eating food? Somehow charming and lovable despite being something people of all ages do.

David Cyril, 85, has been the most recent older person to set our cutie-senses tingling with his food Instagram that recently went viral.

After starting the Slimming World diet plan, he began documenting the meals he was eating on the social media platform, and has since gained nearly 40,000 followers.

Every day he posts pictures of his meals, along with updates on his weight loss, family days out, and general life goings-on.

Charting his journey, David also posts messages of encouragement to his followers, urging them to have a nice week and just generally being kind.

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At his local SW group, David was voted Mr Sleek 2018 and has lost over 13lbs altogether.

It was his daughter posting a picture of him on her own slimming page that spurred David on to create his own account, and its gone from strength to strength.

Its easy to think of dieting as a joyless task devoid of enjoyment, but this sweet pensioner shows that you can still eat great food and have a full life.

His meals range from colourful fruit salads to hearty stews, and he doesnt stop himself enjoying sweet treats and roast dinners.

Part of the reason David wants to lose the weight is to be at his target when he walks his youngest daughter walk down the aisle next year.

All the best of luck to you David, and thanks for warming our hearts with your inspirational pictures and messages.

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