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Prison calls inmates residents and cells rooms to get them ready for life outside

A jail has started referring to prisoners as residents, a report has revealed.

The decision to use the term..

By admin , in England , at November 7, 2018

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A jail has started referring to prisoners as residents, a report has revealed.

The decision to use the term was taken at HMP Warren Hill in the summer of last year to express the prisons commitment to positive and productive relationships, monitors said.

They also disclosed that cells at the Suffolk jail are now called rooms.

File photo dated 07/11/03 of a prison cell. Assaults and self-harm incidents in prisons in England and Wales increased by 20% to new record levels in the year to June 2018, Ministry of Justice statistics show.

Prisoners are now called residents while cells are being labelled rooms (Picture: PA)

Earlier this year, it emerged that HMP North Sea Camp in Lincolnshire was referring to prisoners as residents as part of its rehabilitative culture.

HMP Warren Hill is a Category C adult male prison. It had a population of 242 at the end of September.

Cars and trucks exit the DFDS Seaways Newhaven-Dieppe ferry "Cote d'Albatre" on October 11, 2018 in Dieppe's harbour, northwestern France. - Twice a day, three times in the summer, the ferry from Dieppe unloads up to 140 cars, 40 trucks and 600 passengers into the small fishing port of Newhaven; a historic link between England and France that is a way of life for some residents of the small English fishing port. Some residents are concerned that potential customs controls that might be introduced after Britain leaves the European Union could slow down traffic and hit small seaside towns like Newhaven and Dieppe disproportionately hard. (Photo by CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP)CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP/Getty ImagesGroup of 15 children and six adults found in back of lorry entering UK

The Independent Monitoring Board for the establishment said it was recently rated the top performing prison in the country.

In its annual report for the year to the end of May, the IMB praised Warren Hill, saying it provides a safe, very decent and pioneeringly constructive environment.



Staff-prisoner relationships are excellent and there is a rich arts and cultural programme, including a book group, poetry reading and art exhibitions, the board found.

It said the prison is taking imaginative steps to help men adapt to life in the outside world upon release.

The report said: The IMB has heard accounts of men after many years inside finding difficulty with everyday situations – such as negotiating London tubes and buses without an Oyster card.

The prison is responding creatively with in some cases a staff member accompanying the released resident on the first stage of their journey.

Prisoners are also offered release packs which contain stamped addressed postcards so they can update staff about their progress.







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