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Former England captain Michael Vaughan mocks Cricket Australia after elite honesty gaffe

Michael Vaughan mocked Cricket Australias buzz words (Picture: Getty)
Former England captain Michael..

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Michael Vaughan mocked Cricket Australias buzz words (Picture: Getty)

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has described Cricket Australias buzz words and the new players pact as garbage.

Following an investigation into the ball-tampering scandal, Cricket Australia released a players pact in an attempt to instill a new vision in the team.

It declared: We recognise how lucky we are to play this great game. We respect the game and its traditions. We want to make all Australians proud.

Compete with us. Smile with us. Fight on with us. Dream with us.

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Fans have widely criticised the pact as cringeworthy, while they were quick to poke fun at the elite honesty phrase plastered in Australias changing rooms ahead of an ODI against South Africa.

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Asked about Cricket Australias methods, Vaughan said sarcastically: I think its absolutely magnificent. I think Australia are getting it spot on.

Everything theyve done over the last couple of weeks… Im behind them. I love the players pact.

He added on BBCs Cricket Social: Dream with us! Smile with us! What a load of garbage. Ive never heard so much c**p.

Can you imagine Border, Waugh, Hughes, Warne saying “Come on guys, lets make the crowd smile and dream with us”?

I think the majority of the team will be embarrassed about the words that have come out of the dressing room.

I think of Australian sport and I think of Border and Waugh. They played cricket hard.

Speaking over the weekend, Australia legend Shane Warne said: Forget all the words, forget the verbal diarrhoea and all that sort of stuff.

Thats just rubbish, that sort of stuff. Seriously, it makes you want to vomit.

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At the end of the day, cricket is a simple game and its a performance-based game. Youve got to perform on the field.

All these words and everything – its all about actions. And I think its got to be the basic.

Forced to explain the concept behind the phrase elite honesty, Australia head coach Justin Langer said: Its the Australian way as I know it.

Australia head coach Justin Langer (Picture: Getty)

You look at a bloke or a lady in the face and you tell them the truth and you need to be really honest with yourself because if youre not youre kidding yourself.

The man in the mirror is almost a cliche, but if you want to be successful in life you have got to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

You can lie to everyone else, but you cant lie to yourself. So thats elite honesty to yourself.

And also, the Aussie way I know it is to look a bloke in the eye, look your sister or you mum in the eyes, and tell them the truth and be happy to get some truth back, so thats elite honesty.

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