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Main suspect denies killing Suzy Lamplugh

The man suspected of killing estate agent Suzy Lamplugh 32 years ago has denied her murder.

John Cannan has..

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The man suspected of killing estate agent Suzy Lamplugh 32 years ago has denied her murder.

John Cannan has said through his solicitor that he hopes a search of his mother's former home will "conclude swiftly" to "end speculation" he was behind the 25-year-old's death.

It is the first time Cannan has spoken out since excavations began at the Sutton Coldfield property earlier this week.

Specialist forensics teams have been digging in the garden of the semi-detached home in the West Midlands for five days, with the search expected to continue into the weekend.

Cannan spoke through his solicitor Matthew Claughton from prison on Friday, where he is serving a life sentence for murdering Bristol newlywed Shirley Banks.

Mr Claughton said: "John Cannan continues to deny involvement in the 1986 disappearance of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh.

Image: Police search for the remains of disappeared estate agent Suzy Lamplugh

"Mr Cannan hopes that the search of his mother's former home will conclude swiftly so as to bring to an end speculation as to his involvement in this matter."

Miss Lamplugh went missing after leaving her west London offices to meet a mystery client known only as Mr Kipper in 1986.

She was later declared dead, presumed murdered, when she failed to return.

Artist's impression of  'Mr Kipper'
Image: Artist's impression of 'Mr Kipper'

Cannan was named as the police's prime suspect in 2002 and Miss Lamplugh's disappearance has remained one of the UK's most notorious cold cases.

The murder suspect had been released from a hostel at Wormwood Scrub Prison three days before the estate agent went missing.

Richard Lamplugh remembers his sister Suzy, who disappeared in 1986 and was declared dead in 1994 1:30
Video: Richard Lamplugh says his family would like to bury Suzy where they want to and not where someone else chose to.

Cannan had been serving a six-year sentence for rape.

He was also connected to the Lamplugh case due to his strong resemblance to an e-fit of her abductor and, according to reports, he was nicknamed Kipper while serving his earlier sentence.

The Metropolitan Police are leading the search at the Shipton Road property that was formerly owned by Sheila Cannan.

Officers have dismantled a car garage at the rear of the garden and used angle grinders to dig through its concrete base.

Patio slabs have also been removed.

Scotland Yard would not comment on Friday as to whether investigators have discovered anything during the latest searches.

The brother of Miss Lamplugh has said the family want to bury her in a place of their choosing.

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Richard Lamplugh told Sky News: "It would be lovely to know where (Suzy) was.

"Obviously we would want to bury her where we choose to bury her rather than where someone else chose to bury her."

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