By Jack Nelson – 21/10/2017 – New International campaign has accused UAE of committing war crimes in Yemen due to the constant bombing of Yemen. The campaign called, United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched few activities across Europe to educate the mainstream of what it described on its website is “wide-scale human rights violations” is intensely involved in human rights violations.

The website of the campaign accuses UAE of funding international terrorism and facilitating the money laundering activities.

We attempted to reach the campaign for some answers but the declined and added that they will appoint new spokesperson soon.

According to the campaign objectives, it states, “The country which seems glittering from the outside, has an appalling dark side. From committing war crimes in Yemen, to modern slavery and Labourers abuse; the country has grimly failed in respecting human rights. Besides, UAE is considered as one of the leading countries in “human trafficking” and the “hub of money laundering” and “key supporter for many terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East”.

The campaign has launched few projects in the last 10 days focusing on Asian workers in UAE and the war on Yemen.

One of its projects was “UAE Victims Hotline” dedicated to helping UAE migrant workers. As described on their website.

The Campaign states, “Victims can send in their stories, pictures and any evidence of abuse they were subjected to. Our teams will make sure that the identity of all victims remain secret, thus they will be able to avoid UAE persecution. The hotline is also for the victims of human trafficking who are trapped in Dubai and forced to work in Casinos, night clubs or industrial units.”

UAE officials and social media celebrities criticized the campaign and said at aims at harming the image of the country. Meanwhile, HRW and Amnesty can also be used references which indicate the human rights violations in UAE.

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